Welcome to our website.   “Association of Young Nishtarian Alumni” was formally established on July 1st, 2012 at Detroit, Michigan. It is heartening to know that there are more than 600 Nishtar Medical College graduates residing in USA & Canada.

 Nishtar Medical College is a world renowned medical institution. Its graduates are not only working in Pakistan but also serving in different countries all over the world where they have excelled in the field of Medical Sciences by their outstanding performance and hard work. Unfortunately, there is communication barrier between senior Nishtarian doctors who are working in USA and young Nishtarians who are interested in pursuing their future professional goals. Many of us felt the need to form a platform that will not only provide a social link between young and senior Nishtarian physicians but will also support young graduates who are interested in coming to USA for training but are unable to pursue their ambitions due to economical limitations. Our mentorship program will initially include medical graduates of Nishtar Medical College but as our resources will grow we plan to help any medical graduate from Pakistan irrespective of their alma mater.

 In addition, we want to contribute to the improvement of medical education in Pakistan. We plan to publish an e-newsletter at regular intervals to keep in touch with each other, arrange meetings of association so that our members could also interact with each other.

Let us come forward, join our hands and make this effort a success.


Majid Toseef Aized, MD
Department of Surgery
Wayne State University / Detroit Medical Center
Detroit, MI.
Email: doctorshousedetroit@yahoo.com